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I'm hungry

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Attack Red Panda! by Mark Dumont

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New installation by Pip & Pop in Kurashiki, Okayama: Through a Hole in the Mountain

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Food color porn —> light pink

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raising awareness for turtle bullying.

a growing problem.

A very slowly growing problem.

This gets funnier and funnier every time I see it

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 Alain Bellino Art

Alain Bellino was born in Nice in 1955. In the 80′s, he discovered the world of metal and ornamentation. The ornament that is torn from its original support then becomes the very structure of his sculptures. Bronze ornamentations assembled by extremely precise welding are the base material. Weighted with the nobility of the material joined to their own history, they support a fragmented memory and they bring to the sculptor a precious help as well as a constraint. Alain Bellino gets special inspiration from the Renaissance period. Vanitas are one of his favorite themes, typical of classical sceneries. In his work of re-directing and re-assembling, which is both iconoclast and highly rigorous from a formal point of view, at the crossroads between past and future, Alain Bellino sublimates and rehabilitates the ornamentation.

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baby japanese macaques, aslo known as snow monkeys, in the joshinetsu kogen national park. located in the valley of the yokoyu river in the northern part of nagano prefecture, the areas remains relatively free of humans thanks to heavy snowfalls, an elevation of 850 meters, and being accessible only via a narrow two kilometer footpath through the forest.

photos by (click pic) ben torodeoscar tarneberg, kiyo photography, stephano sityziakoichi kamoshidamarcosjra and patypatyapaty, tubasa-wingsdaisuke tashiro and masashi mochida

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a ferocious beast

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2 week old bunny’s first day outside and he discovers the slide

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Hense - 700 Delaware (2012) - Mural on abandoned church

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SKYLAND DREAM by Cath Gomes ᕙʕ•ᴥ•ʔᕗ