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30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 30: Favourite anime ending theme

this is not exactly an ending, but it’s played at the end of an episode e-e;;

I love this song very very much. The lyrics are beautiful and the moment it played was just sad and then extremely happy and cute. It made me cry even more.

30 day anime challenge

Day 29: Favourite school uniform

I like it’s design a lot~ the high-waist skirt with the suspensors thingy

30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 27: Favourite anime opening theme song

I LOVE this opening. The song is perfect. The lyrics are beautiful as well as the art on the scenery. Everything has awesome colors and look really nostalgic. I also like the scenes that show people interacting with Ushio

30 day anime challenge

Day 09: Saddest anime scene

(bewhare of spoilers of CLANNAD~After Story~)

I cried so much the two times I watched it. It was incredibly sad and I couldn’t believe it the first time. Tomoya suffered so much. I feld pretty bad after

Once not being enough, they had to kill Ushio too. And I cried as much as when I did on Nagisa’s death scene. And the song just made it worse. I also couldn’t believe how they could make Tomoya suffer more after he was doing so well with Ushio.

30 day anime challenge

Day 02: Favourite anime you’ve watched so far

there’s more than one.

Here it goes:

My most favorite. I’ve watched it countless times and read the manga about three times. I never get tired of it and the jokes are always funny. I love the story and all the characters. Also I love Nakahara Aya’s art. Her style was the first to inspire me when I actually started drawing manga.

I love the drama and all the characters’ stories. Tomoya is my favorite character on the series followed by Nagisa and Ushio. Their story is simply sad and super cute, they’re all so sweet and I can’t help but love them.

I love all the nonsense on the story and the whole “what Suzumiya Haruhi is” thing. Kyon’s narration is the best and it gets even better because Tomokazu Sugita is my most favorite male voice actor. Also, I love all the protagonists voices(not much Chihara Midori’s), all the songs and the non-chronological organization of episodes.

I actually HATE the anime. The characters are ugly, the art is not good, the voices are horrible.

But the manga is just EPIC. I love all the characters but Nami (she’s such a whore). All the arcs are good and the one I’m liking the most is the Fishman Island together with the 2-years-later thing. My favorite characters are Luffy, Zoro, Ace, Perona and Princess Shirahoshi ♥

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the cutest thing EVER <333

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Ushio Love.

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I brought dangos.

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Tomoya: You’re really worried about me, eh?

Nagisa: Of course! Since you’re uh… a very important person to me.

Tomoya: Hey!

Nagisa: Yes, how may I help you?

Tomoya: Can we hold hands? Come on.

Nagisa: But… someone might see us.

Tomoya: There’s nobody around, so don’t worry. We’re dating, so what’s wrong with holding hands?

Nagisa: Y-yes, I guess. Let’s give it a try.

Kyou: Good morning you two!

Kyou: You two look really hot early in the morning. What? Were you two about to kiss?

Tomoya: We wouldn’t do that, you idiot!

Nagisa: Yes, we were just going to hold han—

Tomoya: Shh, you idiot!

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SKYLAND DREAM by Cath Gomes ᕙʕ•ᴥ•ʔᕗ